Jitendra Khanna

Jitendra is a science writer, editor, author and communicator.

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I have ventured into realms unseen, shaping emotions into vibrant tapestries of abstract wonder.


As an author, I wield the power of words, crafting worlds that breathe life and ignite imagination.

Yoga, Vedic knowledge and Astrology

Vedic knowledge provides insights into the context of our lives within the universe. With the help of modern science.

Scientists know that it is easy to set up experiments and make accurate, verifiable observations... But extracting meaning from observations is not so easy. The same applies to our karmic experiments. … our failure to learn the "right" lessons from our karmic explorations results in cyclical repetitions of our karma, prolonging our suffering.

Jitendra Khanna


Jitendra Khanna

Jitendra is a science writer, editor and communicator by profession. His thinking has been much influenced by science and philosophy. Jitendra has spent many years searching for answers to life’s big questions. He has focused his efforts on Indian philosophy – specifically how and where modern science and Indian philosophy overlap or influence each other. Jitendra was born in 1955 in the city of Rajpura, Punjab, India.

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Satrangi Dhage:

Kuch Piroye Huye Kavya

Most of the poems in this collection were written during the thee-year period of the Covid-19 pandemic (2020-2022). Some of the poems comment on the isolation and loneliness felt by many people during this period and thus question the current state and future of human civilization. The poem that serves as anchor in this book is “एक बार फिर. . . सृष्टि”. This poem imagines the creation of the universe and is inspired from current scientific knowledge and Indian philosophy.


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